New Hope Community


We meet every Sunday for gathered worship at (around) 11:00am

Expect food before then

By 12:15pm  we break into smaller common communities to respond to worship and scripture, to discuss the teaching and to pray with and for one another.

At 12:45pm, we collect children and clean up



Some Sundays (the second and fourth) we focus on the many ways we offer ourselves and grow in grace and generosity.  We pass a basket for offerings.

On other Sundays baskets are sitting, available for us to bring our gifts, offerings and tithes.

On the First Sunday of each month,

We meet for gathered worship ---and gathered worship only.

There usually isn’t teaching.

But gathered worship includes singing, scripture,  confession, communion and a meal.

We bring food for the meal from our homes.

This is gathered worship.





We sing and We pray.

We read and hear scripture, regularly the Psalms.

There’s teaching. And prayer. Individually. Together. With someone else.

Sometimes silence.  Sometimes confession.

Anointing.  Communion.

And art sometimes.



We find ways to include children, because we worship together.

And then children under age 7 leave after the offering and signaled  to Sophia’s Playground children’s ministry.

Children ages 7 and older remain in gathered worship.  They’re invited to sit at an arts table throughout gathered worship --- and then to move to the main floor to the 8th Day Crew room.

Click here for more info on Children



Why rhythm?

The steadiness, the ebb and flow of rhythms cadences our lives.

We are guaranteed weekly we will encounter and be encountered by the stories of Israel and Jesus that the bible carries to us.

Regularly, we hear scripture, and it inhabits us

Just as we dwell with it.

And we tell our stories too, mindful that the gospel helps us know ourselves best and most truthfully.

We gather our individual lives together in and through worshipping one God together and gathering as one people around Jesus’ table.  We bring our hopes, our dreams, our fears, our failures, questions, triumphs to what we hope is becoming a safe, graced space that we inhabit.

Rhythms like this are healing.

And we hope they spur our imaginations to carry the gospel with us

These rhythms of being gathered in worship don’t invite God but do invite us to find our proper place at the feet of scripture’s story, prayers’ beckoning, the Psalms rants, the salvation made of what is broken, blessed and shared and the table that is complete only as we find our seat there.

We own none of this, but the slow, relentless rhythms of gathered worship calls us to a vision we surely would not have created.

All we can do is to sing with wonderless wonder.